January 16, 2013

This weeks fashion picks !

So, here we are, the first installment of me shoving my fashion advice down your throat.
I have sooo much stuff to blog about but not enough motivation ! I should be using my free time constructively, putting together my portfolio or making money or something - but no - i'm sitting around watching Blockbusters (great show by the way). Anyway, here goes !

O.P.I Black Cherry Chutney. This color is just peeeerfect! Almost black, but a little cheekier !

This golden earcuff is so gorge ! Nice bit of decoration since I can't wear earrings because of my plugs... 

Alexander Wang "Rocco" bag. Okay, so it costs more money than it would to buy and Indian prince, but it's so prettyyyyyy !  
Round sunglasses from Nasty Gal. Just because I would look so fly in these.

Spiked bracelet from Rare London. Classy but with a kick !

This beautiful simple sterling silver ring from Etsy (the link takes you straight to the seller!). It's just beautiful in its understated simplicity.  

Studded biker boots from ASOS. These would look amazing with the wine colored skirt ! (Lower down)...

Wine colored uneven hem skirt ! I found this one on eBay, I can't find one I like anywhere else ! I just love it! 

Finally, I just wanted to say that if you live somewhere where you can buy Le Petit Marseillais products, buuuuy thiiiiis creaaaaam ! I bought it and the smell of it is like having sex with a chocolate soufflé while high. (not because it smells like chocolate, just because it's goddammm awesommmee).

Thanks for reading ! See y'all soon ! 


  1. I'm loving that black cherry nail polish!



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