January 13, 2013

Happy New Year (On January 13th, oops).

Haaaappy New Yeaaar ! Sorry for how late I am with my wishes, heh.

Anyway, enough apologies, on to stuff: I've decided to make a new, I don't know what to call it - thing - on my blog, called This weeks fashion picks. Seeing as I spend 99 percent of my time online on Polyvore or Lookbook, I thought I'd share my finding with the group. But not today, today my post is about change in the New Year ! 
So, to start us off, here are my new years resolutions ! I just made a little page of scribbles, I thought it was a wee bit pretty ! Maybe i'll do this on the wall above my desk, what do you think ? 

I don't know if you can read those, basically, here they are : 
  • Start en Esty shop to put my handmade Totes in (How to post coming soon !!) I made one for my school bag, and it went really well ! So once i get some more practice, I'm going to start a business !
  • Get better make up (learn how to put it on, avoid looking like a street-walker). I have make-up, but i always feel angry about the over inflated prices for a small pot of something so cheap to make, so i buy cheap rubbish... and then look awful. 
  • Dress down (AKA, stop wearing everything I find on the floor at once, it's not a good look.) Also, stop looking like a boy, I don't much care for people telling me I'm manly.
  • Shoot more film ! Just because I love it ! 
  • Own a pair of vans, because I've wanted a pair since I was dragged screaming from the primordial soup. 
  • Write more letters ! Snail mail is so much cuter ! 
  • Blog more, tumble less. I have so many tumblr followers, and only 17 blog followers. I'd like this to change ! 
  • Finish my Wreck This Journal ! I got it for Christmas, and I loooooove it, I can't put it down !! 
  • Buy less books, read more books : "I have sooo many books to read, oh look, a pretty book for cheaps, must buy."
  • Sell old clothes, buy new clothes : Selling some old stuff on Ebay to make some money to buy some new clothes. I love thrifting, but I do admit that after about 5 years of buying second hand clothes, it is pretty nice to have something brand spanking new just for me...
  • Keep room tidy ! Because, well its a mess.
  • Portfolio !! : I'm trying to get into Art School in September, so I need a glittering portfolio full of drawings and photos and design and whatnot. Only, I have nothing, eheh. 
  • Lose Weight ! Okay so I'm not fat, but over Christmas I developed a bit of a habit for cheese and chocolate, and lets just say, I don't feel very slender. 
  • Get a job ! Just because I need money for next year, I want to be able to buy loads of cute things for my apartment before I go ! 
  • But more jewelry : Part of my plan to become a girl. 
  • Finally, grow hair. I keep looking at girls with beautiful long wavy dip-dyed hair, and my cup boils over with jealousy.

So, what about you ? What are your resolutions ? 
Hope to hear from you soon !! xox


  1. Hey, i like your blog and love your pictures :)
    you like to follow each other via gfc (and maybe bloglovin) ?
    i would be happy :)

    lovely greetings, lucia


  2. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is amazing. Do you maybe want to follow each other?? Let me know.



    1. Of course ! Thank you so much, I love your blog too !


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