January 21, 2013

Back to school...

Hullo bloggers !

I've spent the last week at home, eating comfort food, selling old clothes, polyvoring, blogging and so-on, thanks to the snowfall we had. But tomorrow, I have to go back, and it's making me feel like this :

So anyway, I decided to update before I go, and let you know what I plan to wear ! 
So the big news is : after selling some old things, I could finally buy some new stuff ! I'm so pleased ! What did I buy I hear you ask ? Well well, I bought the skirt I posted in my last fashion pick post, here it is again for a memory refresher : 

I'm soooo pleased it is just gorgeous ! Then, I splashed the cash some more and bought, finally, some creepers ! I've wanted a pair since I was like 12 ! I bought these ones from eBay: 

And then, I bought 2 slouch beanie hats : one for me, and one for my friend Lucie ! I ordered burgundy for me, and purple for her ! (she's a redhead so purple will look soooo cute !)
hopefully they won't take too long to arrive, i'm so exited about receiving them ! I haven't bought myself any new clothes in sooooo long.

So anyway, here is what I plan on wearing tomorrow ! (Although knowing me at the last minute i'll put jeans and a jumper on... faaaail).

back to school - grunge

What do you think ? Obviously it's not exactly the same stuff 'cause I used Polyvore, but thats the idea. My dress is slightly longer and is purple, and unfortunately I have to take a computer bag because, well I don't want to carry two bags and in any other bag I might damage my pooter... 

Thanks for reading y'all, see you soon ! x 


  1. love ❤ the new look blog!
    we've got snow here and we loving that too ❅
    creepers are so cool!
    wish I was young enough to wear them haha x

    1. You can NEVER be too old for creepers !

  2. That cat is so funny! I really love that outfit too, denim and floral makes me excited for spring xx - Boho Vanity

  3. love your blog :)
    i'm your newest follower, check my blog and follow if you like it :***

  4. I love that skirt!
    - Charlotte

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