February 04, 2013

Hullo again !

Hi again bloggers ! Sorry I haven't blogged for a bit, but here I am !
Just an update on what's been going on for me recently ! First of all, here are some instagrams of my recent happenings :

1. My new plug ! It's a 14mm expander, I totally love it ! It hurt a wee bit, but I'm pleased to have finally got it in there !
2. Partying with my favorite goofballs ! Gus and Leon, we had a really good time on Friday night ! And here's the big one - me and Leon are now officially dating. It's been soooo long since I dated anyone, but I really like him ! Only 10 days till Valentines Day haha !
3. MY CREEPERS CAME ! Yayayayay ! Im so happyyyy, i've wanted some since I was 12 ! I'm in love.
4. D.I.Y Galaxy print top. I made this yesterday and i'm so pleased with the outcome ! I used bleach in a spray, a sponge and a toothbrush with white, blue and red acrylic paints.

Instagram is good and all, but here are some better photos of whats been going on !

Yes, that IS me and Leon being totally cute and awesome, because we are.

Me and my best friend Lucie. We're going to live together next year, I'm so exited ! I love this girl so much !

A better photo of my t-shirt. Isn't it amazing ? I'm sooo proud !!

Thanks for checking up, hopefully i'll have some more interesting news soon haha !
Love, Romy x

January 21, 2013

Back to school...

Hullo bloggers !

I've spent the last week at home, eating comfort food, selling old clothes, polyvoring, blogging and so-on, thanks to the snowfall we had. But tomorrow, I have to go back, and it's making me feel like this :

So anyway, I decided to update before I go, and let you know what I plan to wear ! 
So the big news is : after selling some old things, I could finally buy some new stuff ! I'm so pleased ! What did I buy I hear you ask ? Well well, I bought the skirt I posted in my last fashion pick post, here it is again for a memory refresher : 

I'm soooo pleased it is just gorgeous ! Then, I splashed the cash some more and bought, finally, some creepers ! I've wanted a pair since I was like 12 ! I bought these ones from eBay: 

And then, I bought 2 slouch beanie hats : one for me, and one for my friend Lucie ! I ordered burgundy for me, and purple for her ! (she's a redhead so purple will look soooo cute !)
hopefully they won't take too long to arrive, i'm so exited about receiving them ! I haven't bought myself any new clothes in sooooo long.

So anyway, here is what I plan on wearing tomorrow ! (Although knowing me at the last minute i'll put jeans and a jumper on... faaaail).

back to school - grunge

What do you think ? Obviously it's not exactly the same stuff 'cause I used Polyvore, but thats the idea. My dress is slightly longer and is purple, and unfortunately I have to take a computer bag because, well I don't want to carry two bags and in any other bag I might damage my pooter... 

Thanks for reading y'all, see you soon ! x 

January 18, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin ! Yep, I have bloglovin' now, so there's no excuse to not follow me.

Anyway, on with the show. Time for my first currently post. I saw one on Kitty & Buck (my new absolute favorite blog) and got inspired. So, what am I currently doing, I hear you ask ?


American Horror Story season 2. The last episode came out today, but I don't have american TV so I have to wait around... the tension is killing me ! I reaaally recommend you watch this program, but make sure not to eat during... Also, Kit Walker, big fat eye candy ! Oooh ...
Oh and I reaaaally desperately want to see "Confessions d'un enfant du siécle", the autobiography of French writer Alfred de Musset starring Pete Doherty and Charlotte Gainsbourg ! 


Damien Saez - J'accuse. My new favorite song - even though it's pretty old. I haven't heard any new good music for ages, apart from Radiohead - obviously. The lyrics to this song are so amazing, I'm so glad I speak french ! 


Endgame by Samuel Beckett. I recently started reading this because my brother among many people told me how amazing it was, and well, he was right ! The writing style is so... I don't even know how to describe it. Also, Samuel Beckett was English, but originally wrote this book in French, which I think gives a strange dimension to the writing. 


Looking forward to finishing my studies at lycée and buzzing off to Toulouse to study art, live in my own house, and hopefully working this summer to make enough money to furnish it with all nice little pillows and rugs and towels and cute trinkets ! I'm going to make that 9m² room as homely as possible ! I looooove decorating, and I will have 'carte blanche' to decorate exactly how I like. I'm soooo exited ! I could have something like on the picture (source), as i'll have a small single bed and window. I love that kind of look ! 

Thanks for reading folks, catch ya later pataytas ! 


January 17, 2013

I did stuff to my hair again !

I'd like to apologize in advance for the - excuse my language - crappy webcam pictures. The light has been so bad these past (grey and rainy) weeks that I haven't had a chance to take some nice ones of my new hair.

If we backtrack a little, (not too far, my hair changes so much we'd need a blogpost as long as the dictionary to recount all the stages) I've recently gone from black, to red, to blonde, to a funny mix of a load of stuff that ended up looking cooler than Jeffrey Campbell shoes, to this.

My mum bought me for Christmas Manic Panic hair dye (queue holy choir of angels) in Electric Lava and After Midnight. Up until then i'd been using La Riche Directions for *cough* financial reasons, but Manic Panic is soooo much better ! Unfortunately for me, I already has green tips, so the blue just went green immediately... i kinda like it though ! Also my hair didn't lose all of it's color when I bleached it. 
Here is a dumb picture of me on Christmas day looking dumb : 

Like I said, sorry for the awful photos. What do you think ?

Thanks for stopping by ! (ALSO I HAVE INSTAGRAM SO LOOK ME UP YO)

Nunnight ! x

January 16, 2013

This weeks fashion picks !

So, here we are, the first installment of me shoving my fashion advice down your throat.
I have sooo much stuff to blog about but not enough motivation ! I should be using my free time constructively, putting together my portfolio or making money or something - but no - i'm sitting around watching Blockbusters (great show by the way). Anyway, here goes !

O.P.I Black Cherry Chutney. This color is just peeeerfect! Almost black, but a little cheekier !

This golden earcuff is so gorge ! Nice bit of decoration since I can't wear earrings because of my plugs... 

Alexander Wang "Rocco" bag. Okay, so it costs more money than it would to buy and Indian prince, but it's so prettyyyyyy !  
Round sunglasses from Nasty Gal. Just because I would look so fly in these.

Spiked bracelet from Rare London. Classy but with a kick !

This beautiful simple sterling silver ring from Etsy (the link takes you straight to the seller!). It's just beautiful in its understated simplicity.  

Studded biker boots from ASOS. These would look amazing with the wine colored skirt ! (Lower down)...

Wine colored uneven hem skirt ! I found this one on eBay, I can't find one I like anywhere else ! I just love it! 

Finally, I just wanted to say that if you live somewhere where you can buy Le Petit Marseillais products, buuuuy thiiiiis creaaaaam ! I bought it and the smell of it is like having sex with a chocolate soufflé while high. (not because it smells like chocolate, just because it's goddammm awesommmee).

Thanks for reading ! See y'all soon ! 

January 13, 2013

Happy New Year (On January 13th, oops).

Haaaappy New Yeaaar ! Sorry for how late I am with my wishes, heh.

Anyway, enough apologies, on to stuff: I've decided to make a new, I don't know what to call it - thing - on my blog, called This weeks fashion picks. Seeing as I spend 99 percent of my time online on Polyvore or Lookbook, I thought I'd share my finding with the group. But not today, today my post is about change in the New Year ! 
So, to start us off, here are my new years resolutions ! I just made a little page of scribbles, I thought it was a wee bit pretty ! Maybe i'll do this on the wall above my desk, what do you think ? 

I don't know if you can read those, basically, here they are : 
  • Start en Esty shop to put my handmade Totes in (How to post coming soon !!) I made one for my school bag, and it went really well ! So once i get some more practice, I'm going to start a business !
  • Get better make up (learn how to put it on, avoid looking like a street-walker). I have make-up, but i always feel angry about the over inflated prices for a small pot of something so cheap to make, so i buy cheap rubbish... and then look awful. 
  • Dress down (AKA, stop wearing everything I find on the floor at once, it's not a good look.) Also, stop looking like a boy, I don't much care for people telling me I'm manly.
  • Shoot more film ! Just because I love it ! 
  • Own a pair of vans, because I've wanted a pair since I was dragged screaming from the primordial soup. 
  • Write more letters ! Snail mail is so much cuter ! 
  • Blog more, tumble less. I have so many tumblr followers, and only 17 blog followers. I'd like this to change ! 
  • Finish my Wreck This Journal ! I got it for Christmas, and I loooooove it, I can't put it down !! 
  • Buy less books, read more books : "I have sooo many books to read, oh look, a pretty book for cheaps, must buy."
  • Sell old clothes, buy new clothes : Selling some old stuff on Ebay to make some money to buy some new clothes. I love thrifting, but I do admit that after about 5 years of buying second hand clothes, it is pretty nice to have something brand spanking new just for me...
  • Keep room tidy ! Because, well its a mess.
  • Portfolio !! : I'm trying to get into Art School in September, so I need a glittering portfolio full of drawings and photos and design and whatnot. Only, I have nothing, eheh. 
  • Lose Weight ! Okay so I'm not fat, but over Christmas I developed a bit of a habit for cheese and chocolate, and lets just say, I don't feel very slender. 
  • Get a job ! Just because I need money for next year, I want to be able to buy loads of cute things for my apartment before I go ! 
  • But more jewelry : Part of my plan to become a girl. 
  • Finally, grow hair. I keep looking at girls with beautiful long wavy dip-dyed hair, and my cup boils over with jealousy.

So, what about you ? What are your resolutions ? 
Hope to hear from you soon !! xox

November 25, 2012

Switzerland on film

Hello ! 

It's been a while since I last blogged, so I apologize for that ! But here I am with the best of the film photos I took on my trip to Switzerland this Summer. I went in a VW camper van, along with my best friend, her mum, and a gaggle of old hippies and their kids. It was, to say the least, awesome. 
We went, because in the small town of Saint Imier, was a massive anarchist reunion. I spent my time seeing amazing live music, drinking organic beer, eating organic vegan food (which was "prix libre", meaning you paid whatever you had in your pocket and got a plate of food!) and meeting strange, beautiful, wonderful and crazy people from all over the world. 

I hope you like the photos !